For Individuals

For Individuals

Wealth Management Services

Complex financial situations demand problem-solving expertise, not just investment returns. At Cornerstone Wealth, we believe that when circumstances change, your financial plan has to be able to change too. Through team effort, we work towards creating dynamic financial plans.

Financial Planning

Our experience has taught us that a well-defined strategy, when followed by a well-executed financial plan, is a critical determinate for success. Using our six-step process, we will work together to create a plan with your financial goals and objectives in mind.

I. Discover & Define Goals

To begin the wealth management consulting process, an advisor will work to better understand his or her client’s unique needs.

IV. Commitment to Strategies

Upon mutual commitment, a Cornerstone Wealth advisor will begin to implement and execute financial strategies.

II. Analyze Current Financial Status

To build a solid plan for the future, we gain an understanding of our client’s assets, liabilities, insurance, tax, and estate documents.

V. Monitor & Track Progress

Accounts and policies will be consolidated and an advisor will monitor and track the progress every step of the way.

III. Provide Money Management Plan

We use financial planning software to understand our client’s current situation and model future financial scenarios.

VI. Review & Refine Plan

Once the plan is implemented, an advisor will hold meetings to review client accounts, assets, and investment performance.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are in the accumulation or distribution phase of the retirement planning process, it is important to have an understanding of savings, distribution and tax strategies. Our qualified retirement advisors will assist you in defining your retirement goals, and we will create a customized plan which is designed to help you live a successful retirement.

Investment Management Process

The Cornerstone Wealth investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that your investment portfolio should be constructed in accordance with personal long-term goals and objectives. We follow a six-step process that enables us to adhere to an active and hands-on investment strategy.

I. Define Goals

II. Evaluate Data

III. Customize Plan

IV. Design Portfolio

V. Monitor Accounts

VI. Review & Revise

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of organizing your financial and healthcare decisions. A properly designed estate plan allows you to maintain your current lifestyle while providing for your loved ones in the event of your incapacitation or death. If you have charitable inclinations, your estate plan can direct contributions during your life or in the future.

 Our advisors work with you and an estate planning attorney to educate you about legal terminology and important planning concepts. If you have an existing estate plan, we will review each of the legal documents to make sure they concur with your wishes. If you have not created your estate plan, we will recommend the appropriate estate attorney based on your needs. After confirming your estate plan meets your objectives, we will fund your plan by registering your accounts and naming your beneficiaries properly.

Cornerstone Wealth assists with the following: 

Risk Management

We know that building wealth is a primary focus, but equally important is protecting your wealth. Our risk management process begins with a thorough review of your potential risk exposures. After analyzing your needs, our advisors will recommend the proper amount of coverage and product type. Whether you are concerned with outliving your savings, an untimely disability or death, comprehensive healthcare or a catastrophic loss, we will work with you to find a suitable strategy.

Cornerstone Wealth assists with the following: 

Executive Benefits Planning

To attract, retain and reward executives, many companies provide benefits which aren’t offered to all employees. As an executive it is important to have a complete understanding of the benefits offered by your employer, but it can be difficult to navigate the rules of each plan. Many of the plans have complicated guidelines and tax implications, so it’s imperative to work with a professional advisor to design and implement appropriate planning strategies.

Our advisors seek to understand each executive’s personal goals and objectives. After defining short and long-term goals, we design a customized wealth management plan to pursue each stated objective. Upon mutual commitment to work together, we implement each step of the plan. As time progresses, we are here to guide and assist in the execution of strategies to maximize your executive benefits.