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Use Content to Help Retiring Clients Leave on a High Note

Some people can’t wait to reach retirement, but for others, the transition from work to retirement can be a rocky one. High-net-worth individuals often have great jobs that are part... Read More

The RIA Industry Is In the Middle of a “Great Talent War”

The “Great Resignation” has impacted all industries, and RIAs are not immune. In this article from WealthProfessional, three industry executives outline why many RIAs are struggling to attract top talent—and... Read More

Use Content to Help Clients Navigate the Financial Terrain in Retirement

Retirement represents a major shift in your clients’ lives: the end of their careers, the culmination of decades of saving, and the beginning of the golden years in their lives.... Read More

Why Firms Shouldn’t Rely on AI Too Much

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making their way into wealth management. However, compared to other industries, there is still a lot of ground to make up. This article from... Read More

Use Content to Challenge Your Clients’ Assumptions

A key part of the work RIAs do is helping to protect their clients’ money, not just from bad investments and planning choices, but from theft and outright fraud. Your... Read More

Millennials Are More Serious About Money Than Many Firms Realize

There are a lot of myths about millennials, but the most pervasive is that they are generally irresponsible with money: they’re more concerned with financial frivolities like avocado toast than... Read More

How Content Can Help Clients Avoid Tax Surprises

Taxes play a significant role in your clients’ financial pictures—in fact, in a 2018 survey from 1st Global, 66% of affluent customers said tax knowledge was the most important factor... Read More

Why Your Firm Should Embrace Video Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift in the way many businesses operate. For most RIAs, that meant pivoting to video calls and teleconferencing. Your firm might have made a return... Read More

Use Your Firm’s Content to Provide Important Historical Context

Advisors can’t see the future, no matter how much their clients wish they could. But your firm’s content doesn’t have to show clients the future to be useful; instead, consider... Read More

Why Your Firm Should Encourage Clients to Build a Financial Plan

A February survey of 1,000 investors across the U.S. found that 76% of Americans feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating a financial plan, and 56% believe life is too... Read More