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Dow falls 200 points after disappointing jobs data, weak Walmart forecast

Article from CNBC – Feb 17, 2021 U.S. stocks slid on Thursday as investors were discouraged by a worse-than-expected jobless claims reading as well as a gloomy forecast from... Read More

Cornerstone Wealth Announces Partner Promotions

Huntersville, NC, February 11, 2021 – Cornerstone Wealth Group, LLC  (Cornerstone Wealth) announced today the promotions of two executives to Partners. New Partner Cliff Hodge,  Chief Investment Officer, oversees all... Read More

The Secure Act Requires Your 401(k) Statement to Show Monthly Retirement Income. You Could Be in for a Surprise.

Barron’s By Nick Fortuna / Feb. 17, 2020 Translating the nebulous balance on a 401(k) statement into an estimated monthly income in retirement can be challenging, leaving workers unsure whether... Read More

10 Easy Things To Do Instead Of Spending Money Next Month

Forbes / by Laura Gaskill on Feb. 18, 2020 The goal: to not buy a single thing you don’t truly need for a month. The purpose: to invest in experiences that make... Read More

10 signs you are not financially OK to retire

Being ready to retire means more than being ready to stop waking up at 6:00 a.m. to put in long hours at a job you’re not thrilled about. If it... Read More

Confused on IRA RMDs After Secure Act? Here’s Clarity.

The Secure Act, which President Trump signed into law in December, raised the age when IRA holders have to start drawing down their accounts via required minimum distributions to 72... Read More

More Questions And Answers About The SECURE Act

Forbes by Bob Carlson / Jan. 28, 2020 The SECURE Act continues to raise questions from readers. Here are some key questions about the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement... Read More

Kobe Bryant Brought Competitive Drive to His Investing Career

The Wall Street Journal By Marc Vartabedian and Katie Roof / Jan. 28, 2020 Kobe Bryant brought to investing the same dedication and tenacity that marked his basketball career. Bryant... Read More

After Stretch IRAs, What Retirement Breaks Could Congress Chop Next?

The Wall Street Journal By Laura Saunders – Jan. 17, 2020 Late last year, Congress stung many savers when it curtailed the tax benefits of so-called Stretch IRAs. The change... Read More

Every Day in Business Should Be Treated Like Super Bowl Sunday

From Entrepreneur Magazine by Stacey Hanke on Jan. 22, 2020 In a few weeks, folks across the nation will huddle around televisions, cheering and rooting as the San Francisco 49ers... Read More