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Younger Investors Are Losing Faith in the Stock Market

For Generation X and Baby Boomers, the stock market is the best—and safest—way to grow their money over time. But Millennial and Gen Z investors don’t share that faith, and... Read More

Use News Events as Teachable Moments in Your Content

In journalism, when an editor is deciding what stories to run, they look for what’s called a “news peg”: a current event that ties into what the story is about.... Read More

Five Post-Pandemic Trends Among Wealthy Investors

High-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients don’t always have the same priorities as the average retail investor. And for the firms we work with, staying on top of what matters most to... Read More

Foster a Sense of Partnership With Your Firm’s Content

Educational content can be a great way to help clients and prospects better understand the finer points of their wealth planning. Using content to educate your audience not only demonstrates... Read More

Older Clients Are a Major Target for Scammers

Scam attempts have risen dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and despite increased awareness, criminals are still finding ways to perpetrate fraud. Their target of choice is older Americans—and they... Read More

The Next Generation Is Getting Richer

Millennials and Gen Z have done a remarkably good job of accumulating wealth: according to Cerulli Associates, Millennial & Gen Z wealth rose by $700 billion in 2021. It’s the... Read More

Retirement Confidence Is Dwindling

According to a recent BlackRock survey, retirement confidence among Americans is down for the first time in several years. 63% of savers say they’re on track for their retirement, down... Read More

The Line Between “Niche” and “Esoteric”

We’ve talked about focusing your firm’s marketing content on specific niches in the past. This article from Advisor Perspectives highlights “weird but lucrative niches,” and while you may find some... Read More

Need Content Ideas? Try Reader Questions

Let’s face it: there are only so many ways you can discuss a specific financial topic in your content before it starts to feel stale. If you find yourself struggling... Read More

Why Many Family Offices Are Going Virtual

Family office offerings are a great way for RIAs to meet the unique and often complex financial needs of UHNW individuals and families, and it’s no surprise that the number... Read More